This fiction tale follows a Roman soldier throughout his participation in Christ’s crucifixion and His resurrection. This movie is so well done that it will move you to tears. While this film isn’t adapted from the Bible, it shares the gospel from a different perspective while revealing God’s tranformative power.

The Case For Christ

This true story about news reporter Lee Strobel’s turn from atheism to Christianity is nothing short of mind-blowing. This movie is not only entertaining but informative.

War Room

This movie will take your prayer-life to a whole new level and motivate you to create a War Room of your own. This movie truly embraces the power of prayer in believer’s lives and why it’s so important to cry out to God.

I’m Not Ashamed

I’m Not Ashamed, the inspiring true story of Rachel Joy Scott at Columbine, is a hopeful reminder that when our lives are in God’s hands, we can make a world of difference.