US Healthshare Facebook Users Share Their Opinion About the Recent #DemDebate on Universal Healthcare

US Healthshare posted to Facebook October 15, taking a stand against the Democrats plan of Universal Healthcare.  


The debate continues on the best, most affordable way to get Americans covered but we can ALL agree America’s health care system is broken. #DemDebate presidential candidates are getting it wrong again; and making this more confusing than ever! For millions of Americans, the answer to better health care is medical health sharing. READ MORE>
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Many Facebook Users Had Something to Say About This

The post above had 2.4K interactions that include807 likes, 1,000 laughing emojis, 28 hearts, 32 worried emojis, 34 shocked emojis, and 518 angry emojis. The post reached 1,800 comments and 155 shares. 

@Allen W.

“Let me keep my money and let me decide how I would like to go about medical coverage. I do not want the government in charge of it.” 

Allen gained support on his position, receiving 199 likes and 22 responses on one comment. Many of these comments agreed with Allen and supported the American right to choose your own healthcare. 

@Stuart E.

“Listening to Democrats talk about “fixing” the broken health care system is a hoot. These are the same hucksters who passed the Unaffordable Care Act before reading the bill.” 

Stuart E. took to US Healthshares comment section, stating the Democrats promise is a “hoot.” Stuart explained that we cannot trust the government with our healthcare, and we could not agree more. Stuart received 255 likes on his comment and 44 replies, where many other users supported his comment. 

@Stuart E.

“More government meddling is not the solution, it’s the problem.” 

Stuart continued to reply to those who were opposed to his original comment (above). He pointed out that giving the government more power in healthcare is not going to fix the broken system, it will take away the freedom to choose our own healthcare and create a much larger problem. 

@Douglas S.

“Get government out of the healthcare industry” 

Douglas S. expressed that the key is to remove the government from the healthcare industry. It is the people of the United States responsibility to choose the right healthcare for themselves and their families. 

@Chuck A.

“More and more government intervention in just about any aspect of life, is nothing more than a disaster waiting to happen! It’s always more inefficient, more costly, and less effective…ALWAYS!?” 

Chuck A. pointed out that more government involvement is a catastrophe waiting to happen. The costs will rise, and there will not be any benefits in return.

Why This is Important 

The Democratic Debate portrayed how broken the healthcare system is. The candidates argued back and forth about how they view the healthcare system should be. The truth is, where American citizens get their healthcare, should not be a decision for the government to make. As shown above, Americans have spoken, and it is time to listen. Put healthcare back into the hands of the people and trust them to fix it.