Health and Fitness Apps to Download Today

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Health and fitness applications have taken a recent jump in popularity. There are thousands available, and each one offers different features such as meditation, self-care, and exercise classes. Check out a few of our favorites! 



This application allows you to track and understand different components of your health and wellbeing such as diet, activity, and medications Symple has an easy-to-use interactive calendar as well as activity data. Download this app today and start tracking your health data! 



Are you getting bored of the same, boring workout? Looking to switch up your exercise routine? Look no further, the FitOn app has a variety of workouts availablefor free! You can take a yoga class, do a HIIT workout, or even take a dance class. The classes have various intensity levels; there is a class for everyone! Check out this app today to participate in a new workout.  


Sanvello was designed to help you manage stress, anxiety, and depression. The application helps you find personal coping skills, manage your symptoms, and track your progress. It offers self-care information, peer support, and coaching. They even offer therapy sessions! 


Do you have any health and fitness apps you cannot live without? Share them with us! DM or tag us on Instagram @ushealthshare or on Twitter @us_healthshare.