3 Things About Affordable Health Care and the State of the Union Address

In the 2020 State of the Union, held on Tuesday February 4th, President Trump addressed important issues facing the nation and offered his beliefs on solving the country’s problems, including suggestions on healthcare. Here are 3 Things Everyone Should Know About Healthcare & the State of the Union Address.

#1- President Trump encouraged members of Congress to work on legislation to lower prescription drug prices.

“Working together, the Congress can reduce drug prices substantially from current levels. I have been speaking to Senator Chuck Grassley of Iowa and others in the Congress in order to get something on drug pricing done, and done quickly and properly …. Get a bill to my desk, and I will sign it into law without delay.”

-President Donald Trump

#2 – The President also took the time to address–and discredit–“Medicare for All”. 

“There are those who want to take away your healthcare, take away your doctor, and abolish private insurance entirely. [They would be] wiping out the private health insurance plans of 180 million very happy Americans.”

-President Donald Trump

#3 – Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s goal was to highlight her commitment to improving health care

Pelosi invited guests that work in the healthcare industry or are afflicted by health problems. 

The four guests were:

  • California Surgeon General, Dr. Nadine Burke Harris
  • Jonah Cohen, who was diagnosed with Type I diabetes, and his mother Jennifer Pliner
  • Cheyanne Faulkner and Morgan Faulkner-twins living with Type I diabetes
  • Maryland naïve Xiomara Hung, battling a series of medical issues, and her mother Elena Hung

Pressure to fix the broken healthcare system is at an all time high between both political parties. However, we may have just been introduced to a potential fix, the Personalized Care Act. This bill aims to strengthen and expand access to HSAs. Read more about how this bill could broaden American’s choice in selection of health coverage. The Personalized Care Act Could Offer Extended Tax Breaks on Health Care Expenses.

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