Help Your Community and Yourself By Giving To Others

It has been shown that the sharing of your time, money, or energy for others does not just make a community better—it can make you better. Studies show the act of giving boosts happiness, health, and sense of well-being.

That’s also a benefit of health share programs. Health sharing programs are designed to help families gain access to funds to help cover the cost of medical expenses, but they also provide a way for members to give back to their community. By contributing to the financial pot, members of these programs can help out their fellow neighbor when the need arises.

Giving to Others Has Many Physical and Emotional Benefits

There is plenty of research that shows that giving to others has a profound psychological effect. Researchers think that giving back might give people a mental boost by providing them with a neurochemical sense of reward.

Helping others reinforces the need to relate positively to others, which helps feed our innate psychological needs.

And not only does helping others make us feel good, but it can do good to our minds and bodies too. In fact, it’s been well-documented that helping others can help reduce feelings of depression. Those who regularly volunteered showed an improved ability to manage stress and stave off disease as well as reduced rates of depression and an increased sense of satisfaction with life.

Giving to others gives us a sense of meaning and value that contributes to selfless behavior. Even giving money can provide the giver with a sense of happiness and overall well-being.

health care sharing programs
Healthcare sharing programs give members the opportunity to help others while helping themselves

Healthcare sharing programs give members the opportunity to help others while helping themselves

Scientists have shown a connection between being generous with money and happiness. MRIs done on the brains of participants show that the act of giving has a positive effect on the same region of the brain that responds to other pleasures, such as winning the lottery. Even the intention of being generous without going through with the act can have an effect on the brain and make people feel happy.

Help Others With Health Share Programs

Being a part of a health share program is just one way that people can participate in something that gives them a chance to give to others while helping themselves at the same time. If you’re looking to manage your healthcare while being a part of something that is helping others out, a health care sharing plan may be right for you. Contact USHealthshare today to discuss our programs in-depth and find the right fit for you.