Understanding Open Enrollment and Your Health Plan Options

In the rush to get ready for the holidays, health insurance may have taken a back seat to Christmas shopping and decorating. But while you’re checking off names on your Christmas list, keep this in mind: ‘Tis also the season for open enrollment.

How Practicing Gratitude Can Help Lower Healthcare Costs

This past year-plus has seen more than its share of challenges, which have in turn contributed to increased feelings of anxiety and depression for many. Holidays like Thanksgiving can add to the stress levels, but there’s a simple way to help us enjoy this time of year instead of stress about it: Gratitude.

Rising Healthcare Costs in 2022 and How Health Sharing Ministries Are Bucking the Trend

There’s no doubt 2021 continued to disrupt healthcare as the pandemic dragged on. These disruptions are driving an increase in already high healthcare costs. Concerned about COVID-19, many providers limited access to care while people delayed critical medical services and screenings. This led to diseases like cancer and chronic conditions being diagnosed later, resulting in more extensive and expensive treatments.