Is Christian Health Insurance a Real Thing?

Christian Health Insurance

Christian health sharing ministries offer Americans very affordable options for healthcare benefits. Plus, they offer Christians the opportunity to be part of a faithful community of members who share similar beliefs.

3 Secrets to Saving Money in Uncertain Times

saving money

The COVID-19 health crisis has ravaged the economy, and millions of Americans have seen their finances take a big hit as a result. Now is the time to adopt money-saving tactics.

Do Health Share Programs Pay for Prescription Drugs?

prescription drugs

The cost of prescription medication is high, but health sharing programs can help. Be sure to look for plans that not only cover these costs, but also pay pharmacies directly so there are no out-of-pocket expenses on your end.

How Freelancers Handle Healthcare Costs

freelance healthcare coverage

The growth in freelance work among Americans is presenting a potential issue in managing healthcare costs. Health sharing plans may be an ideal solution for gig workers to offset these costs.