Having a healthcare facility within close proximity is important. Luckily for Americans, obtaining medical care quickly and conveniently is now easier thanks to CVS.

Now with over 1,100 CVS MinuteClinics located within CVS Pharmacy and Target stores across 33 states, Americans can easily get the medical attention they need without having to make an appointment. Many non-emergent medical matters can also be handled by the medical practitioners in CVS MinuteClinics without the need to find an urgent care center or spend hours in a hospital ER.

CVS MinuteClinic Offers Convenience and Savings

Right now, approximately 70% of Americans live within a 3-mile radius of a CVS pharmacy, many of which come with medical retail clinics. With such close proximity to a walk-in medical clinic, patients can receive medical attention and obtain medical advice from a healthcare practitioner as easily and conveniently as ever.

Further, CVS MinuteClinic also offers patients a much more affordable option compared to urgent care centers and hospital ERs. More specifically, patients can save as much as 40% compared to urgent care clinics, and as much as 85% compared to the ER for comparable services.

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CVS is also dedicated to helping improve patient outcomes. The service’s expanded offerings ensure that healthcare practitioners and pharmacists are more readily present within communities to provide much-needed medical advice and guidance, particularly as an increasing number of Americans live with chronic diseases.

Patients can receive counseling about how to manage their medications and how to adhere to treatment protocols, but also advice on leading a healthier lifestyle to ward off disease or reduce symptoms they currently have.

CVS Health is also expanding its use of digital tools to help patients manage their conditions and keep tabs on vital health indicators. These tools can also help follow up with patients via text messages to communicate test results or send reminders for upcoming appointments.

With the rise of CVS MinuteClinics, patients will have access to comprehensive medical care that offers flexibility, convenience, and affordability.

Another Option for Saving on Healthcare Costs

Taking advantage of services available at a CVS MinuteClinic is just one way to save on healthcare costs. Another way to keep more money in your wallet and still stay healthy is to explore the option of joining a Christian health sharing ministry

Members of Christian health sharing ministries can choose from a variety of programs to match their healthcare needs and their budgetary requirements. Some members find that they are able to save 30% to 40% when compared to what they once paid for traditional health insurance coverage. What could your family do with that kind of extra money in your budget each month?

Some health sharing ministries partner with other organizations to offer members additional savings. For instance, one well-known health sharing ministry recently partnered with CVS MinuteClinic, meaning that MinuteClinic visits now fall under the heading of medical expenses that are eligible for member sharing for that ministry. 

If you are looking for a health sharing program, USHealthshare can help you find the right one for your needs. Health sharing saves money. Why wait? Talk with us today.