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Christian Care Ministries is a Christian health sharing program with claims as “the nation’s largest health care sharing community.” They have over 400,000 members across America sharing over $50 million in health care expenses per month.

Christian Care Ministry is a nonprofit organization located in Melbourne, Florida. It was founded by Dr. E John Reinhold in 1993, who had previously organized a medical sharing program for members of the American Evangelistic Association (AEA) before expanding the program and offering it to the public.

Like other health sharing programs, Christian Care Ministries is not health insurance. Instead, members pay monthly “share amounts” (like a monthly insurance premium) in addition to an “Annual Household Portion” (like an insurance deductible). Members may submit eligible healthcare expenses for reimbursement, but not everything is eligible for sharing. 

Program Options

For individuals, Christian Care Ministries offers three pricing tiers: singles, two-person households, or families of three or more. Within these tiers, a number of pricing options are available, and the site offers a helpful pricing calculator to compare different monthly plans. There is also a Senior Assist program that gives senior citizens a discount, provided they have Medicare coverage.

Members with pre-existing conditions such as heart disease or diabetes may be charged an extra $99/month to participate in a Health Partnership program, which consists of working with either an online coach or self-guided course to meet certain health goals, at which time the $99/month fee may be removed.

On the flip side, members in good health can apply to receive a Health Incentive Discount of about 3-5% off their monthly share amount. It’s designed to reward a healthy lifestyle – as well as lower medical bills for all members in the Christian Care Ministries network.


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What's Covered

Christian Care Ministries works with the MultiPlan PHCS network, which is a third-party network of providers that have agreed to offer a discount for services. You can look up providers in your area using their search tool.

Vision and dental benefits are provided by a third-party network called Careington, which typically offers a 60% discount on vision services and a 30% discount on dental services (savings are approximate). You can use the Careington Medi-Share page to look up sample providers and pricing.

Pre-existing prescriptions are not covered by Christian Care Ministries. Only new prescriptions are eligible for health sharing, and only for a maximum of six months. (A few lifesaving drugs are covered longer.)

Christian Care Ministries offers a few additional services to help lower costs, such as free membership in the Navitus pharmacy benefit program, as well as free membership to MDLIVE, which offers telehealth consultation for non-emergency situations.

Christian Care Ministries Member Reviews

As of April 2021, Christian Care Ministries received an average 2.15-star rating (out of 5) with the Better Business Bureau. They receive a 1.5-star rating (out of 5) on Yelp. Google users rate the company higher, at 4.3 stars (out of 5).


Karla Buist:
They are an amazing organization that has taken care of my family for 4 years and continues to go above and beyond!
Incredibly helpful and significantly cheaper than other options! I highly recommend it to my friends and family and I highly recommend it to you.


Aaron Gallagher:

I have only put in 1 claim with this company and it was denied. They act like they care but they don’t. It is a scam!!! Buyer Beware!!!

Christian Care Ministries Summary

  • Many different plans and pricing tiers
  • Senior discount option (for seniors with Medicare)
  • Health incentives
  • Provider services offered through MultiPlan PHCS network
  • Medical and dental services provided by Careington
  • Pre-existing prescriptions not covered; new prescriptions covered for six months

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