If you are looking for medical care, you have more options than ever before, thanks to the rise of alternative healthcare locations like retail clinics.

In non-emergency situations, patients may find their experience at a retail clinic more convenient and positive compared to a conventional doctor’s office. And the fact that these clinics are taking things a step further by taking a more patient outcome-focused approach is making these medical settings even more attractive to Americans.

Retail Clinics Causing Waves in the Healthcare Industry

Retail healthcare is exploding in the US. These clinics are filling a gap that patients are looking for and may not be getting in more traditional medical environments. There are currently over 2,700 retail clinics operating across 44 states and Washington D.C., with millions of visits having already occurred.

Today’s patients are much more informed consumers who are looking for ease-of-use and accessibility in their healthcare, and retail clinics may be able to fill that void. For starters, retail clinics offer a more convenient way to get medical attention, as they’re located within retail centers such as department stores and supermarkets. A trip to the doctor can be as easy as making a run for groceries.


Members of health sharing ministries can take advantage of cost savings and heightened flexibility.

Plus, these facilities often do not require an appointment, so there’s no need to wait days to see a doctor. Further, wait times are typically much shorter compared to what patients may experience in an urgent care center.

Moreover, retail clinics are focusing more on patient outcomes. Rather than being compensated solely for the number of patients seen, retail clinic reimbursements are also based on how well the patients fare after their treatment protocol, and people appreciate this patient-centered approach. A more customized medical care plan is an important factor of healthcare for consumers.

Participants in a recent survey revealed that more and more Americans are finding out about their options with retail clinics and are having positive experiences with them. More specifically, the poll found that 70% of those surveyed are aware of retail health, and 79% said their experience with these facilities was either the same or better than a typical medical clinic.

Finally, retail clinics are a more affordable route compared to traditional primary care physician offices. Patients can save anywhere from 40% to 80% in comparison to conventional medical facilities

Health Sharing Ministries Offer Cost Savings and Flexibility For Members

In addition to opting for a visit to a retail clinic, consumers can also save money on their healthcare by choosing to become members of a health sharing ministry. Members of a health sharing ministry can realize savings of as much as 30% to 40% compared to traditional healthcare insurance policies. Patients can double down on savings with both a membership to a health sharing program and a visit to a retail clinic.Make the switch to a health sharing program and experience greater affordability, flexibility, and freedom. Speak with a representative from USHealthShare to find out how to share the health.

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