Celebrated this year on May 8, Mother’s Day is a time to acknowledge and appreciate all moms do to take care of their families. Now more than ever, it’s important to make sure the busy mothers in our lives are also taking care of their health. 

Studies show that over the past few years, the stress levels of mothers have increased exponentially1. And no wonder. By January 2021, 18.5 million mothers found themselves working from home while caring for children during school closures and lockdowns2. During the pandemic, around 3.5 million mothers had to leave their jobs to stay at home while their kids learned remotely2. Faced with extra pressures and economic uncertainty, 70% of mothers say that pandemic-related stress and worry have had a detrimental effect on their health1. 

So this Mother’s Day, perhaps the greatest gift we can give Mom is extra space, time, support, and permission to focus on self-care. If you’re in need of some ideas, start here. 

Dedicated Mom Space

How about creating an inviting, relaxing space in your home just for Mom? Furnish it with a comfortable chair or couch, candles, her favorite books and music, a cozy blanket, or even a yoga mat and floor pillows for meditating. Designate this spot as her private oasis, and make it off-limits to the rest of the family. 

Personal Journal

Mental health experts agree that writing down our feelings and thoughts can help us reduce stress and work out problems. In one study, researchers found that individuals struggling with anxiety who wrote for 15 minutes three days a week over a 12-week period felt better and less depressed3. To encourage Mom to write it out, consider gifting her a beautiful blank journal, a nice pen, and some quiet alone – time to express her daily thoughts. 

Alone Time

Speaking of alone time, this is something many mothers seriously lack — and seriously crave. Have your family make a conscious effort to give Mom to some time to be by herself, away from the demands and distractions of children, pets, chores, and work. Take the kids out of the house for the afternoon and maybe even spend the occasional night with Grandma to give mom time to recharge. 

Mental Health Apps

Moms are experts at helping others, but not always great at asking for help. Make it a little easier for her to get the support she needs with a mental health app. With features like guided meditation, healthy habit trackers, daily affirmations, and tips, mental health apps are a convenient way for Mom to stay connected to helpful resources wherever she goes. 

Spa Day

Chances are she’ll never treat herself to a day off, so gift her one instead. Present her with a gift certificate for a spa treatment.  

Chip In

If Mom tends to make all the dinners at home, have the family start making at least one dinner a night. Take the initiative to load and empty the dishwasher, take out the trash, clean the kitchen, and tidy up the clutter — without waiting for Mom to ask. 

Breakfast in Bed

Why wait for Mother’s Day to serve Mom breakfast in bed? One day a month, let her sleep in then bring her coffee and a favorite breakfast item while she stays in bed a bit longer. 

Make Her Comfy

Show Mom she has permission to relax and take it easy now and then, with an ultra-comfortable robe, slippers, and pajamas she’ll love to lounge around the house in. 

Family Fitness 

If Mom never seems to have time to exercise, make it easier by joining in with her. If the whole family goes for a bike ride or heads to the gym together, she’ll be more likely to make time for her fitness without feeling guilty about it. 

Say Thank You 

Being a mom shouldn’t be a thankless job. Regularly leave her notes and cards signed by the whole family letting her know how much you appreciate her and how grateful you are for all she does. A few words of kindness can go a long way to lift her day. 

Encourage Hobbies

If you know she enjoys non-mom-related activities, encourage her to pursue them. If she likes to paint, get her art supplies and turn a spare room into a studio. If she wants to learn Italian, buy her online lessons. If she enjoys listening to music, get her some noise-canceling headphones and a streaming music service. Take time to find out what she’s interested in, outside of family life. 

Doctor’s Appointments 

Busy moms often forget to make and keep recommended doctor’s appointments and health screenings. You can help her stay on top of her health with gentle reminders and support so she can free her schedule for provider visits, consults, and screenings.  

Join a Christian Health Sharing Program 

For mothers raising their families in a faith-based home, one way to support Mom’s physical and mental wellbeing is through Christian health sharing. With a Christian health sharing program, she’ll find a close-knit community of other moms who share her values and beliefs, and who are there to help during challenging times.  

Because faith-based health share programs spread the costs of medical care across all members, families can save hundreds of dollars each month — which can relieve some of the economic anxiety Mom might be facing. Learn more about Christian health sharing here. 

And to all the wonderful Moms out there, happy Mother’s Day! 


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