How Spring Cleaning Brings Us Closer to God

Spring cleaning feels like a chore you’d rather postpone, then consider this for added motivation: Having a clean home is a powerful way to strengthen your faith, follow Jesus’s example, and improve your spiritual, emotional as well as physical health.

Give the Gift of Good Health for Mother’s Day

Celebrated this year on May 8, Mother’s Day is a time to acknowledge and appreciate all moms do to take care of their families. Now more than ever, it’s important to make sure the busy mothers in our lives are also taking care of their health

Having Faith Can Help Improve Your Health

There’s no question that faith has brought comfort, purpose and happiness to millions of people. Research indicates that sharing a religion, spirituality or faith can also have a positive impact on our physical as well as mental health.

Celebrate Easter with Selfless Acts of Kindness

This Easter, there’s much to celebrate. As restrictions ease and life returns to a semblance of normalcy, friends, families and communities come together to enjoy cherished Easter traditions.

Answers to Common Questions About Christian Health Sharing

As the cost of traditional health insurance continues to soar, more Americans are choosing to make the switch to Christian health sharing. Today, millions of individuals and families participate in faith-based health sharing programs and are saving hundreds of dollars each month in the process.

Comparing Christian Health Sharing Programs

Frustrated with rising healthcare costs and limited choices, millions of Americans are choosing to switch from traditional health insurance to more flexible and affordable Christian health sharing.

A Christian Approach to Health Coverage

Bearing one another’s burdens means being there for one another — in good times and bad, in sickness and in health. This caring fellowship is one of the most powerful aspects of Christianity.