These days, many Christians feel like they’re being told how to live their lives and care for their families, regardless of their values — especially when it comes to healthcare. In the push for mandates around COVID-19 vaccines, people of faith have fewer choices, or face penalties for making decisions that align with their beliefs. 

When it comes to healthcare, Christians aren’t alone in wanting more freedom of choice. In a recent survey conducted by the Health Policy Center, 55.8% of respondents ranked provider choice among the most important features they look for in a health plan1. According to another study completed by Deloitte, doctor-patient trust remains important as well. In fact, study findings show that the provider relationship is one of the top four factors that define an ideal health care experience for consumers2. 

Studies also show that people want increased freedom and flexibility in the way they access healthcare services. Which may explain why so many are embracing virtual healthcare visits and telemedicine. According to Deloitte’s survey, the percentage of consumers using telehealth jumped from 15% in 2019 to 28% in 2020. What’s more, 80% of people who had a telehealth visit said they would do so again2. Shorter wait times, faster appointments, and added convenience make telemedicine an attractive option for many. 

In the search for more provider choice and added flexibility, a growing number of Americans are choosing faith-based health share plans over traditional health plans. More people are discovering that Christian healthshare plans offer an extensive network of providers — allowing them the freedom to choose a doctor they know and trust, who shares their values, and honors their beliefs. 

Many Christian medical sharing plans are also leading the way in telemedicine to quickly connect their members to virtual visits with providers and healthcare teams without the travel hassle,  wait times and hefty expenses. In fact, Christian share programs employ a range of innovations like telehealth to help lower costs — potentially saving their members hundreds of dollars every month. 

Along with freedom of provider choice, faith-based health share plans also provide freedom of religious expression. With a Christian healthshare plan, you decide what’s best for you and your family’s health while protecting and preserving your personal beliefs — without being financially penalized for it.  

If you’re looking for more freedom of choice in your health plan, consider Christian health sharing. Learn more here.