In the holiday season rush, many households may have overlooked the approaching Open Enrollment deadline for renewing or changing health plans. The good news is, Open Enrollment is still happening in many states. There may be time to consider your options and make sure you’re choosing the right health plan for you, but don’t delay. 

With the Open Enrollment deadline looming, you may feel pressure to rush your decision. Before you choose your health plan, take a moment to ask yourself a few important questions. 


Are you happy with your current health plan?

Like many Americans, you may have noticed your premiums and out-of-pocket expenses creeping up or were hit with unexpected medical bills. If that’s the case, it might be time to switch to a different health plan that offers lower monthly costs and access to more affordable healthcare services. 


Do you want more provider choice?

Many ACA health plans and other traditional health plans limit your network of providers and doctors in exchange for lower rates. You don’t have to sacrifice choice to access affordable, quality care. Look for an alternative health plan option that offers a wide provider network so you can pick your own doctor. 


Do you need prescription medication?

If you’re currently taking prescription drugs or think you may need to, be sure the health plan you choose covers your prescriptions and offers low-cost options. As prescription drug prices continue to soar, especially with current supply-chain issues, you may want a health plan that offers affordable medication. 


How much do you want to pay for health insurance?

Look closely at the monthly premiums as well as your out-of-pocket costs and see how that aligns with your budget. With some ACA health plans and traditional health plans, you may pay more than you want to for doctors’ visits, prescription drugs, and emergency room visits. Make sure you’ll be able to cover the health plan deductible as well. 


Are you generally in good health?

If you’re generally in good health and actively maintain your own wellness, you may not need all the healthcare services included in ACA health plans and other traditional plans. Ask yourself whether you’re willing to pay for care you may not need. There are alternative plans out there that can help you lower your costs while getting the right healthcare services for you and your family. 


Is there a better health plan option?

If you’re looking to lower your monthly and prescription drug costs, enjoy more choice in providers, and access the healthcare you need when you need it, then a faith-based health share plan may be the right option for you.  


Faith-based health share plans, also known as Christian health share plans, distribute the healthcare costs across all their members. This can result in potentially hundreds of dollars in savings each month. To lower costs even more, many Christian medical sharing plans use innovative methods like telehealth that provider faster, more convenient access to care. 

If freedom of choice is important to you, look for a Christian health share program that offers a large provider network. If freedom of religious expression is another priority, faith-based health share plans connect you to fellow Christians who share your values and beliefs. This becomes especially important given the current climate around vaccine mandates. With a Christian health sharing plan, the savings you gain can help offset any added costs that come with choosing not to receive a vaccine. 

If Open Enrollment is still happening in your state, make sure you’re taking the time to answer these important questions and consider all your options. Keep in mind: you can always join a faith-based health share plan, even after Open Enrollment closes. To learn more about Christian health sharing plans, start here.