‘Tis the Season for Christian Health Sharing Ministries

There are so many ways to enjoy the festive holiday season—from spending time with loved ones, to admiring the twinkling Christmas lights, to showering your friends and family with gifts.

However, for many families this year, financial challenges may make gift-giving difficult. If you are feeling the pinch, there is something you can do now that will leave some money in your pocket – money that could help with holiday gifts as well as assist with medical expenses in an economical way all year.

What’s that? The answer is simple. Join a health sharing ministry!

Here are some ways that joining a health care sharing plan can brighten the holidays for you and your family this year.

Health Sharing Programs Help You Save Money

The cost of health insurance is not cheap, and it’s rising every year. Nationally, the average amount that individuals pay for health insurance premiums in the US is $456 per month, and for households, that number jumps to $1,152. The deductible that needs to be paid prior to an insurance policy kicking in averages $4,364 per year for individuals and $8,439 for households.

In a world where the cost of health insurance continues to rise, American families looking for some relief find that health sharing programs are a great choice. With programs that offer medical and prescription benefits, health sharing ministries often save families as much as 50 percent when compared to the premiums for traditional health insurance.

What could you do with 50 percent of what you currently pay for health insurance back in your bank account this holiday season? The options are endless, but holiday giving is at the top of the list this time of year.

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Be Part of Something Meaningful

For people of faith, the holidays take on a special meaning. They are not just days to celebrate with material things. Rather, they are days to cherish our values, taught by the one whose birth the season is meant to commemorate.

Being a member of a Christian health sharing program is a way to unite with a group of those of like faith, those who share common values. Members of health sharing programs make monthly contributions to the health sharing ministry, which then administers sharing of eligible medical across the membership. Thus, all members contribute to the well-being of the others, sharing their faith to support the membership.

Being part of a health care sharing program helps keep medical costs down for all and ensures that each member is well cared for, as the Scriptures encourage.

To find out if a Christian health sharing program is right for you and your family, contact USHealthShare today and learn how to share the health.

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