The cost of medical care and prescription medication is on the rise. Many Americans are unable to afford medical and prescription medication expenses out-of-pocket, which is why many enroll in a health plan or seek an alternative such as Christian health share ministries.

Whether you have traditional health insurance, or you are a member of a health share program, one of the best ways to ensure you don’t end up receiving unexpected medical bills is to get a pre-authorization before receiving any medical service or filling a new prescription.

Here’s why.

To Ensure Your Medical Services Are Eligible

If your health insurance provider or Christian health sharing ministry deems the procedure or drug as ineligible, you may be responsible for the cost. A pre-authorization allows the member to understand any implications on their care and provides the ability to make decisions – which could include pursuing care that is ineligible for sharing.

That defeats the whole purpose of becoming part of a health share program or health plan in the first place. Taking the step of getting a pre-authorization is simple and will save you trouble and money in the long run. You will also be empowered to understand and own your health care.

To Ensure Your Prescription Medications Are Eligible

Like medical procedures, your prescription medications may also need to be approved. Considering the high cost of prescription drugs, taking the time to get a pre-authorization is a money-saving move that just makes sense.

To make sure you are not denied coverage for medical treatments of medication, get a pre-authorization.

To Ensure That Recommended Drugs and Treatment Are Safe

The primary reason for pre-authorization is patient safety. After all, it may not be necessary for a certain treatment or medication to be administered, and sometimes it may not even be safe. Many medications have dangerous side effects, are harmful when mixed with other medications, or can easily be abused.

Going through the additional step of getting a pre-authorization first can help ensure that you are receiving the type of treatment you need and can give you some extra peace of mind that your treatment will be safe.

To Ensure Providers Are Paid

Even if your treatment or prescription medication is eligible, your health sharing ministry will still need time to process it and issue payment to your medical provider. Pre-authorization shortens that time so that your provider will be paid more quickly, decreasing the likelihood that you will receive a bill asking for payment.

A health sharing ministry can help you save as much as 50 percent or more on monthly contributions compared to the average premiums paid with health insurance. To find out if a health care sharing plan is right for you and your family, get in touch with USHealthShare today and share the health.

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